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"Write hard and clear about what hurts” Hemingway

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“Tell your friends, to get with my friends; and we can be friends.” Right? Well, that’s been one of the most popular terms since the mid-90’s. However, can we say that this can also be a recipe for disaster? People have different personalities, mesh differently, and have certain relationships with certain people. Can so many personalities be in the same room? Do you have to be friends with everyone? Is it okay to just not vibe with someone without having any issues with them?


As you begin to separate from people and things that you’ve outgrown (growing is okay and welcomed) you begin to see people for who they are. You then must make the decision if you want to continue surrounding yourself with the same energy. For example, a friend of yours is planning a gathering, but the invitation didn’t get extended until after the pictures were posted. How would you address this situation? There are so many answers to this question, but what‘s the most beneficial response for you? Being in a similar situation in the past, I slowly started removing myself from that friendship and we haven’t spoken since, months. You cannot force people to think how you think or to be how you want them to be. What you can do is control who you allow to take up space in your life. Space and time are so important why would you want it fill with people who make you feel awkward or unwanted? No thanks. If the vibes are off, grab your purse and go; it’s that simple. Always handle situations with grace. Thank them for their part in your journey, but learn to be okay with walking away from one sided or no sided friendships. Speaking for myself, this year is all about prioritizing my happiness and clearing the table of people who only care about table talk.

Ponder on this as well. Are your friends getting with their friends to tell your business?



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